7 Days


It’s an extraordinary 7-day safari with Gaga Tours Kenya, commencing and concluding at Watamu or Malindi beach resorts. Your adventure begins with a comfortable ride in a private 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep from your hotel. Traverse Kenya’s premier national parks, from the legendary Tsavo East National Park with its iconic Tsavo lions to Amboseli National Park, where elephant sightings are guaranteed.

Explore Lake Naivasha with diverse safaris – sailing across the lake, walking, and cycling at Crescent Island and Hell’s Gate National Park. Encounter rhinos, lions, and flamingoes at Lake Nakuru National Park before culminating your journey in the renowned Masai Mara National Reserve, home to an unparalleled density of wildlife. Customize your safari, choosing from economy, comfort, or luxury lodges, while relishing the highest standards of adventure with Gaga Tours Kenya.

Your all-inclusive 7-day trip covers transportation, park fees, game drives, accommodations, and meals. Your experienced driver/guide will ensure an enriching experience, with transportation in a private 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep, the epitome of safari comfort and rugged capability. Gaga Tours Kenya promises a personalized and exceptional adventure, allowing you to savor the wonders of Kenya’s diverse landscapes and wildlife.

  • Gaga Tours 4x4 Safari Jeep
  • 4 & 5 Stars Hotels
  • 5,416 metres
  • Mombasa
  • Feb, Mar, Apr & May
  • Eco-Tour, Hiking, Safari
  • All meals during the Safari
  • English, Spanish, French, Chinese
  • Easy to Moderate
  • 2-15
  • 12
  • 65


Embark on a 7-day safari with Gaga Tours Kenya, starting and ending at Watamu or Malindi beach resorts. Explore iconic national parks like Tsavo East, Amboseli, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, and the renowned Masai Mara. Witness diverse wildlife, including elephants, lions, and flamingoes. Customize your adventure with accommodation choices from economy to luxury. All-inclusive package covers transportation, park fees, game drives, accommodations, and meals for a memorable Kenyan safari.

Tour Highlights;

  • Tsavo East National Park - Game viewing drives - Lion, elephant, cheetah, giraffe, buffalo, antelope, warthog, ostrich, Baboons, birds… - Herds of dust-red elephant wallowing, rolling or simply foraging - The beautiful man made Aruba dam located on the north bank of the seasonal Voi River, is visited by thousands of animals and is a great game viewing destination. - Mudanda Rock - this whale-backed rock towers above a natural dam, which acts as a draw to thousands of elephants
  • Amboseli National Park - Mount Kilimanjaro, highest mountain in Africa - Observation Hill Viewpoint - A glimpse of African homesteads & cultures
  • Lake Naivasha - Boat ride - Visit to Hell’s gate national park
  • Masai Mara Game Reserve - Unlimited game viewing drives - Tree studded typical savannah terrain and a multitude of Wild animal species. - Colorful Masai tribesmen
  • ake Nakuru National Park - Hundreds of bird species including few flamingos, pelicans and others - Rhino sanctuary - The Great Rift valley escarpment - Awesome scenery
  • 80% of Africa in 7 days
  • Masai village visit at either Amboseli or Masai Mara (arrange with your driver guide) = $ 20 per person - Optional


Your driver/guide will fetch you from your beach resort or hotel along the Kenyan coast in a 4 x 4 Jeep to commence your safari adventure. We'll follow the Malindi-Mariakani Road, then proceed on the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway towards Tsavo East.

Embark on an approximately 3-hour drive along a smooth and picturesque road, making refreshing stops en route to enhance your journey.

Awakening with the sunrise and the harmonious melody of birds in the savannah, we'll embrace the serene beauty of nature and monitor the emerging wildlife during a magical morning. Following a delightful breakfast, we embark on an exit game drive as we bid farewell to Tsavo East and journey towards Amboseli Park.

Keep a lookout for the impressive Mt. Kilimanjaro, serving as a guiding beacon to Amboseli, nestled at the base of Africa's tallest peak. Once we arrive, a game drive awaits in this compact yet thriving park. The sparse foliage enhances our wildlife viewing experience, with Amboseli renowned for its abundant animal population, particularly the free-roaming elephants.

All this unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of Kilimanjaro, ensuring that every photograph taken in Amboseli is a masterpiece.

Once again, we rise early to witness the enchanting sunrise and catch a glimpse of Kilimanjaro's majestic summit. This prime moment offers the best opportunity to admire the renowned snow-capped peak, often revealed as the morning clouds disperse.

Following a hearty breakfast, we embark on a final game drive in Amboseli, savoring the last moments in this captivating park. Our journey then takes us to Lake Naivasha, with a pit stop in Nairobi for a delightful lunch. Continuing through the Rift Valley, we arrive at the freshwater lake in time for a scenic sailing safari.

On the tranquil waters of Lake Naivasha, we navigate past hippos and other aquatic inhabitants, enjoying the picturesque park surroundings. Keep an eye out for zebra and antelope grazing along the shoreline as we make the most of this serene experience.

In close proximity to Lake Naivasha lies the captivating Hell’s Gate National Park. Here, we'll embark on an adventurous bicycle ride for a cycling or walking safari, passing by peacefully grazing giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and more. This immersive experience provides the perfect opportunity to get up close to the diverse wildlife.

Following our exploration of Hell’s Gate, we take a brief drive to Lake Nakuru National Park, renowned for its rich and varied birdlife, including the strikingly vibrant pink flamingoes. This beautiful park also houses a rhino sanctuary, where we'll have the chance to track both black and white rhino species. Our journey through this wildlife haven includes seeking out other remarkable creatures such as lions, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and more.

Embarking on an extensive journey today, we'll commence with a final drive through Lake Nakuru before setting our sights on what is often deemed Kenya's crown jewel among parks—the Masai Mara National Reserve.

As we traverse the distance, a pitstop for lunch is scheduled en route, ensuring we arrive at the park with ample time for an afternoon game drive. The undulating savannah of the Mara, adorned with its iconic acacia trees, will unfold before you, creating a picturesque landscape.

The Mara boasts a diverse ecosystem, characterized by a remarkably high concentration of wildlife, including numerous prides of lions. With over 95 mammal species inhabiting the reserve, there's an excellent chance for numerous sightings. Throughout your 3-day stay, unlimited game drives are at your disposal, allowing you to tailor your safari experience to your preferences.

The Masai Mara, renowned for Africa’s iconic "Big Five" and a thriving population of big cats, is also witness to the spectacular migration of thousands of wildebeest and zebras, particularly during the Great Migration season (July – October). As these herds pour into the park on their annual trek, it's a breathtaking spectacle to behold.

Our journey takes us to the Mara River, a crucial site for this grand crossing, where crocodiles and other predators await the migrating herds. The river is also home to pods of hippopotamuses in their natural habitat. While at the Mara, you have the option to engage in various activities to enhance your experience. Visit a local Maasai village nearby, offering a unique opportunity to connect with these indigenous people and gain insights into their rich herding culture.

For an unparalleled perspective of the Masai Mara, consider taking an early morning hot air balloon safari over the park. As the sun ushers in a new day, you'll gracefully float above the park, capturing mesmerizing vistas of the rivers, savannah, and wildlife—an unforgettable panorama. Feel free to consult your guide to arrange either or both of these delightful experiences.

As we bid farewell to the Masai Mara on our concluding safari day, let's seize the early hours for an enriching experience. Embarking on a pre-breakfast game drive across the expansive landscapes of this remarkable reserve, we aim to enhance your safari checklist with additional wildlife sightings.

Following breakfast, a final game drive awaits us as we exit the park, retracing our journey back to Nairobi. Anticipate our return to Nairobi in the late afternoon, marking the culmination of an unforgettable African safari. The numbers speak for themselves—7 days, 5 national parks, and a multitude of wildlife encounters!



  • - Transport:Enjoy the journey in a customized pop-up top 4x4 Safari Jeep.
  • - Game Viewing Drives: Experience unlimited opportunities for wildlife observation.
  • - Park Entrance Fees: Access to national parks is included for comprehensive exploration.
  • - Meals on Safari: Delight in all-inclusive meals throughout the safari.
  • - Experienced Safari Guide/Driver: Benefit from the services of a knowledgeable English or other language-speaking guide.
  • - Accommodation Options: Choose between economy, comfort, or luxury lodges/tented camps based on your preferences.
  • - Bottled Drinking Water: Stay refreshed with complimentary bottled water in the safari vehicle.
  • - Medical Cover: The Flying Doctors provide medical, emergency, and rescue coverage.
  • - Air Ticket: Enjoy the convenience of an air ticket from Nairobi to Mombasa.
  • - Airport-Hotel Transfers: Hassle-free transfers between the airport and your hotel.
  • - Pick-Up and Drop-Off: Begin and end your journey conveniently at your Malindi/Watamu beach hotel.
  • - Government Taxes and Local Levies: All necessary taxes and levies are included in the tour price.

Not Included In the Tour Price:

  • - Bottled & Soft Drinks: Beverages, including bottled and soft drinks, are not covered by the tour price.
  • - Items and Services of a Personal Nature: Personal expenses and additional services beyond the outlined itinerary are not included.
  • - Tips & Gratuities: Gratuity for services and tips are not part of the tour price and are at the discretion of the traveler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you arrange group/Jeep sharing safari tours?

Yes, Gaga Tours provides group/Jeep sharing safari tours. It’s an excellent way to experience the adventure with fellow travelers while enjoying the flexibility and expertise of our experienced guides.

Is there WiFi at the safari lodges & tented camps during the safari?

While the availability of WiFi can vary, many of our safari lodges and tented camps offer internet connectivity. However, due to the remote locations, the connection may be limited. We recommend checking with specific accommodations for more details.

Can we request an extra night/day on safari while on the group sharing tour?

Absolutely! We understand that you might want to extend your safari experience. You can request additional nights or days, and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Additional charges may apply.

Can we choose a favorite tour driver-guide from the online reviews or driver/guide profiles?

We aim to provide the best experience for our guests. While we cannot guarantee a specific guide, we consider your preferences. Our team ensures that all our guides are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to making your safari memorable.

Are mosquito nets provided in safari lodge rooms/tents?

Yes, your comfort and well-being are our priorities. Mosquito nets are provided in lodge rooms and tents to enhance your sleep quality and protect you from any potential insects.

Do you have a maximum number of persons allowed to sleep in one safari room/tent?

Accommodation policies may vary, but we typically arrange for a comfortable number of persons per room or tent. Please let us know your preferences, and we will make suitable arrangements based on your group size.

What is the size/weight limit allowance of an individual in the safari Jeep?

Our customized pop-up top 4×4 Safari Jeeps are designed for your comfort and safety. We recommend an average size/weight limit, and if you have specific concerns, feel free to discuss them with our team.


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  • Gaga Tours 4x4 Safari Jeep
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  • Eco-Tour, Hiking, Safari
  • All meals during the Safari
  • English, Spanish, French, Chinese
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