A Guide to Moi International Airport Mombasa!

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Your Gateway to Coastal Bliss

Arriving in the vibrant town of Mombasa is like stepping into a coastal paradise, greeted by the warmth of the Indian Ocean. Your journey begins the moment you land at Mombasa’s Moi International Airport. After breezing through customs and immigration, your next stop is baggage claim. From there, step into the arrivals hall, where your transfer vehicle awaits for a smooth and quick experience.

Airport Facilities and Services

Moi International Airport, Kenya’s second-largest, is situated approximately 11 miles from central Mombasa. Despite its simplicity, the airport ensures a neat and clean environment with comfortable seating, WiFi, currency exchange, ATMs, baggage storage, and assistance for travelers with special needs. Two lounges, Safari Comfort Lounge and Safari VIP Lounge, offer relaxation, while Airport Java House and Rafiki Cafe provide dining options. Don’t miss the Natural Lamu shop for unique gifts or the Safaricom stand for a local SIM card.

One of the perks of Mombasa airport is its manageable size, making navigation easy. With a helpful airport staff, every guest’s needs are catered to. The airport, approximately 200 feet above sea level, features two runways—runway 1 at around 11,000 feet and runway 2 approximately 4,000 feet in length.

Terminals, Destinations & Flights

Mombasa Airport has two terminals—Terminal 1 for international arrivals and Terminal 2 for domestic arrivals and departures. Approximately 20 international flights, including airlines like Eurowings, Condor, Neos, Qatar, and Kenya Airways, connect Mombasa with Europe, China, and the Middle East. Famous parks like Amboseli and Masai Mara use airlines like SafariLink and Kenya Airways to transport visitors to Mombasa via Nairobi’s Wilson Airport.

Embrace the ‘Sun & Safari’ Experience

One of the popular routes within Kenya links safari reserves to Mombasa, offering a perfect blend of beach and bush experiences. Connecting through Nairobi allows visitors to go on a morning game drive and relax on a pristine beach in the late afternoon.

Explore the Coastal Gems

Mombasa’s surrounding beaches, from Diani to Nyali, offer a perfect end to an East African safari. Guests can choose from boutique guest houses, family beach hotels, or larger beach resorts, providing diverse accommodation options.

Departure from Mombasa Airport: Bon Voyage!

As you bid farewell to Mombasa, remember that the town is approximately 25 minutes away from the airport. Ensure you have enough time to check in for your outbound flight. After checking in and handing over your luggage, finding your departure gate is a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of traveling to and from Mombasa’s Moi International Airport, either on a direct flight or by connecting through Nairobi, and have a wonderful journey home… Bon Voyage!

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